Frequently Asked Questions about POMEN


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1What is POMEN roadside assistance?
Roadside assistance is the ability to get help when your car, truck, minivan, coupe, or roadster gets stuck on the road, has an accident, or experiences a mechanical disablement. POMEN is available to help with any roadside assistance need you may have.
2What is POMEN app?
POMEN is the Asia leading digital roadside assistance platform, and Malaysia's leading on-demand roadside assistance service. POMEN's solution delivers the quickest, safest and most innovative roadside assistance service, products and technology by combining location-based services, real-time data, AI and machine-to-machine communication.
3What is the difference between POMEN and other roadside assistance providers?
Unlike traditional and other roadside assistance companies, POMEN offers efficient and transparent roadside assistance services using latest technology. Anyone can request help with their vehicle or towing services quickly and easily on our Apps by clicking Get POMEN button. POMEN offers only flat-rate, upfront pricing and has no membership requirement or annual charges.
4How does POMEN work?
It is simple as ABC! Click Get POMEN, tell us about your vehicle and the type of service you require, and let us automatically pinpoint your location. POMEN helps get you going again whether you've experienced a dead car battery and need a jump start, have a flat tire and need a tire change, require a tow, or required car service. You'll receive updates about your service request in real time, can track the tow driver or mechanic, and contact them with questions all from your phone. Cost is provided up-front and on-demand, so you never pay for what you don't need or are shocked by the bill.
5Does POMEN charge a membership fee?
Unlike the traditional roadside assistance, there are no membership fees. Pricing is provided upfront and you are only charged the amount needed for the tow. It is as simple as that, no more wasted membership fees!
6How will I know that my service request has been accepted?
You will receive a confirmation via notifications when your request is accepted.
7How long will it take for someone to come and help me?
Wait times depend on demand and location, but rest assured POMEN is far quicker than the traditional roadside assistance options and you can even track their arrival on the map.
8With what technology is POMEN compatible?
POMEN is compatible with Google Android devices and IOS devices.
9What are my payment options?
Securely and easily pay by credit card directly on the POMEN App. No need for cash, and your transaction is securely recorded with your bank. After service is complete, just type in your email to receive a copy of the receipt.
10What does roadside assistance cover?
With POMEN you are covered if you are in the need of a breakdown, tire change, battery replacement, jump start or car service & maintenance. We offer transparent service with clear, flat-rate pricing, cashless payment, and reliable help for motorists. Unlike your traditional roadside assistance club membership, you do not need to pay a membership fee to belong. Just request help easily online, and we are there to help.

FAQ for Workshop owner or Freelance Mechanics

1I'm a workshop owner, how do i register as POMEN Merchant Workshop
It is easy, just go to www.pomenapp.com/workshop and click on the yellow 'Register Your Workshop' button.

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