Why Join POMEN Workshop Merchant ?

Do you have a Workshop?

If the answer is YES, we want you! Increase your sales channel with POMEN App where new customers can acknowledge your workshop location and make a request to your place or you go to their car location to fix their problem. Either way, we want to bring more customer to you. Register your workshop now as POMEN merchant. Don't wait until the quota runs out!


Download POMEN for Workshop

Already registered as POMEN Workshop Merchant? Don't forget to install POMEN for Workshop App and receive jobs now! Make sure your status is online when you are ready to work and always check on notification for incoming job request. Let's help as many people as possible. Together. You are the hero #AbangPOMEN.

Workshop Transformation To Digital

We're different from others. We do not compete with workshop, but we help workshop to transform as a digital service providers..
Ever heard of how Uber/Grab change the view of Taxi business? Now it's the time for car workshop too, do not miss out.

Are you a workshop owner or a mechanics? Register now as our POMEN Merchant and get updates!