14 December 2021

Kereta Confessions Contest

  Terms and Conditions for POMEN Kereta Confessions Contest. 1) Participants will comment on their experience with their car (the most nice and engaging story will […]
1 December 2021


How well do you know your motor oil? And which is the best for your car? At base motor oil can be separated into 3 types […]
1 December 2021

POMEN x myTukar

Selling or buying a car can be a troublesome ordeal. There are so many risk factors that one must consider if one decides to buy or […]
30 November 2021
Pusat servis kereta

Pusat Servis Kereta: Asyik Kena Tipu Je? Ikuti 10 Tips Ini

Selalu kita dengar orang hantar kereta ke pusat servis kereta tapi masih lagi banyak masalah lepas keluar bengkel. Anda pun pernah mengalami masalah yang sama? Sebagai […]
29 November 2021
servis airond kereta

Servis Aircond Kereta: 8 Tips Penting Supaya Anda Terus Berasa Sejuk

Jarang-jarang orang menaiki kereta tak hidupkan aircond. Bila kali terakhir anda servis aircond kereta anda? Kalau anda dah lama memiliki kereta, pernahkah anda merasakan aircond kereta […]
22 November 2021


  Terms and Conditions of the POMEN TEKA JAR Contest. 1. Peraduan bermula dari 11 November 2021 hingga 18 December 2021 (“Contest Period”). 2. Peserta harus […]

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